Responsibilities of the Committee

The Executive Committee holds regular meetings throughout the year. The Executive Committee manages the business and affairs of the Foundation and exercises all powers of the Board of Trustees during the intervals between Board meetings.  The Executive Committee manages the Revenue Distribution Plan and makes recommendations for changes as necessary upon review.  Actions of the Executive Committee is forwarded to the Board of Trustees either for information or for a vote.

Jatinder Bhatia, MBBS, Chair Charles Howell, MD
Adam Berman, MD Michael Madaio, MD
Ivan Florentino, MD Steffen Meiler, MD
Jack Yu, MD Patricia Brownlow, Ex-Officio
Barbara Henley, MD Walter Moore, MD
Brooks Keel, PhD, AU President Peter F. Buckley, MD
Amanda Hopkins Tirrell, FACHE

For more information about AU Medical Associates Executive Committee, please click the link below to find meeting minutes and presentation documents.

AU Medical Associates Executive Committee – Minutes & Presentations