Responsibilities of the Committee

The Ways and Means Committee meets most months and regularly reviews AU Medical Associate’s investment portfolio and associated realized and unrealized income on the portfolio, cash position, and budget variance reports for the Business Office Expenses and the General Expenses of the Group.  The committee also reviews the performance of AU Medical Associate’s LLCs (limited liability companies). The Ways and Means Committee members for the current fiscal include:

Ivan Florentino, MD, Chairman Monte Hunter, MD
Adam Berman, MD Laura Mulloy, MD
Cargill Alleyne, MD Gregory Postma, MD
Jatinder Bhatia, MD Edmond Ritter, MD
David Bogorad, MD Mary Sheram, MD
Amy Estes, MD Robert Sorrentino, MD
Michael Hawkins, MD Jack Yu, MD
Peter F. Buckley, MD Amanda Hopkins Tirrell, FACHE
Alma Pearl

For more information about AU Medical Associates Ways and Means Committee, please click the link below to find meeting minutes and presentation documents.

AU Medical Associates Ways and Means Committee – Minutes & Presentations