Responsibilities of the Committee

The Committee on Business Operations (COBO) meets monthly to monitor and enhance the management of the revenue cycle. COBO functions include reviewing monthly reports with key indices of performance, making recommendations for major changes in the billing process, keeping abreast of legal and regulatory changes impacting physician reimbursement, reviewing the professional fee charge master to ensure an appropriate fee structure and providing guidance on other activities that influence the revenue cycle. The COBO members for the current fiscal year include:

Adam Berman, MD, Chairman
Daniel Albo, MD Ivan Florentino, MD
Reda Bassali, MD Julian Nussbaum, MD
Styles Bertrand, MD Walter Pipkins, MD
David Bogorad, MD Pascha Schafer, MD
David Fallaw, MD  Thad Wilkins, MD
Amanda Hopkins Tirrell, FACHE
Annamalai Ramanathan
Justin Pantano

For more information about AU Medical Associates Committee on Business Operations, please click the link below to find meeting minutes and presentation documents.

AU Medical Associates Committee On Business Operations – Minutes & Presentations