Meaningful Use – Eligible Provider Stage 2

GRHealth is attesting for Meaningful Use Stage 2 for Eligible Provider in calendar year 2015.  This attestation includes meeting 17 Core measures and 3 out of 6 Menu Set measures as mandated by CMS.  Every Eligible Provider (EP) attesting for Stage 2 needs to meet all of the 17 Core measures and 3 Menu set measures for a successful MU Stage 2 attestation.  Currently the reporting period is the full year of 2015.  CMS is currently considering amending the attestation reporting period for 2015 from a full calendar year to 90 days.  While the final decision has not yet been made, should CMS change the attestation period from a full year to 90 days, GRHealth would plan to attest during the final quarter of 2015.