AU Medical Associates Departmental Services

The Managers of Departmental Services, are the prime members of the management team that are responsible for ensuring an effective liaison role between the departments, physicians, and Medical Associates billing office. They are responsible of coordinating and overseeing the daily work, work schedules, and work performances of the Professional Billing Coordinators and have indirect supervisory responsibilities for the coders and departmental charge reconciliation personnel.

12198090302006169125female Elaine Lord
Brenda McBride, Manager for                             Non-Surgical Departments Elaine Lord, Manager for                                     Surgical Departments

The Professional Billing Coordinators are responsible for analyzing all professional billing of the assigned Department, supervising departmental services staff, as well as reporting and presenting analytical results to each Department and Medical Associates leadership.

Non-Surgical Professional Billing Coordinators Surgical Professional Billing Coordinators
Marlo Lilly Monique Baskett  


Kathy van der Hellen
Marlo Lilly,             Cancer Service Line Monique Baskett, Medicine Neurology Kathy von der Hellen, Neurosurgery
Miriam Degennaro Jo Nell Watson Melissa Cooper Barbara Miles
Mickie DeGennaro, OB/GYN JoNell Watson, Pathology Melissa Cooper, Ophthalmology  Barbara Miles, Orthopedics
Kathy Ellenberg Pamela Mazur 12198090302006169125female 12198090302006169125female
Kathy Ellenberg, PCA/ Hospitalist/Lake Oconee Pam Mazur,         Pediatrics Otolaryngology Surgery/Oral Surgery
Wanda Durrence Wendi Henslee
Wanda Durrence, Psych/ Family Medicine Wendi Henslee, Radiology

The Compliance Documentation Education Coordinator is responsible for  providing coding education to coders, reimbursement specialists, medical staff and others regarding documentation, reimbursement and data interpretation for inpatient and outpatient coded data. They act as a coding expert resources as well as provides one-on-one as well as classroom education.

Carol Skelton
Carol Skelton, Compliance Documentation Education Coordinator